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Powerful trading performance, seamless trading experience

Go long or short 9,000 products, enjoy low spreads and low commissions

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The world's leading cryptocurrency index contract transaction platform

Provide safe and reliable cryptocurrency derivatives trading services for users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world

Rich trading varieties

Support 30+ kinds of digital asset index contract transactions. Arbitrary long and short positions, flexible leverage, amplify earnings

Multiple digital asset settlement

The stablecoin contract uses USDT as a margin, and the currency standard currency uses digital assets as a margin for trading

High liquidity and low fees

The liquidity is provided by outstanding market makers in the industry, while providing a complete VIP level to reduce your transaction costs

Full-time customer service

Provide 7x24 hours professional and considerate user consulting services, fast and efficient processing process

Contract transaction

Losses are controllable and profits are the highest. With a perfect mechanism to ensure a fair competitive environment, leveraged contracts/futures are traded to maximize profits, and the forced liquidation can be executed quickly. Traders can control their own risks more effectively.

Open and transparent

Fair forced liquidation mechanism and policy.

Fair pricing

High liquidity helps to realize the price discovery function and keep a close eye on the Currency transaction market.

Controllable loss

The intelligent clearing mechanism protects investors from potential accidental losses.

Fair trading technology

Adopt the matching algorithm used in the world's top financial markets to ensure that investors are provided with a fair and reliable market.

Currency transaction

Leading the innovative currency transaction model, providing several mainstream virtual digital currency transactions, and is committed to providing a safe, fair, open and efficient blockchain digital asset trading platform for digital currency lovers

Leading liquidity service

Provide 100+ mainstream currency pairs, liquidity of popular currency pairs, top trading depth, continuous K-line chart

Professional solution

Provide mainstream currency transaction liquidity, platform currency liquidity solutions

Low transaction costs

Competitive stepped transaction fee rate, the larger the transaction volume, the lower the fee

Diversified functions

Includes functions such as custom parameters, financial level monitoring, professional risk control management, and complete reports

C2C transaction

We provide reasonable rates that are more conducive to your investment, support multiple digital currency transactions, free trading, and two-way transactions.

In peer-to-peer transactions, the platform does not touch user funds and only provides transaction guarantees for users.

Real one-to-one transactions, no robots, and no dog dealers to control currency prices.

Support the free choice of currency and payment method.

Real-time transaction reminders, online conversations between buyers and sellers, and instant messaging.

APP download

Our iPhone, iPad and Android apps provide mobile trading. You can also place orders based on real-time quotes in the chart.